Channel Marketing as a Service (CMaaS)

Channel Marketing as a Service (CMaaS) sets a new standard in the delivery and management of co-branded partner marketing programmes. This breakthrough channel marketing approach bridges the gap between the partner and vendor by offering fully managed marketing campaigns facilitated by a highly-experienced channel marketing consultancy. This service addresses the disconnect between vendors and partners still executing joint marketing campaigns funding by MDF that don’t produce any results.

Vendors traditionally struggle with accurate marketing metrics from partner-funded marketing activity, so the major advantage with this approach ensures that, via Bowan Arrow both the vendor and the partner collaborate and actively work the results to maximise the return on investment. Effective campaign management with an agreed 24-hour campaign SLA plus close monitoring of all opportunities is the key to success and demonstrates best practice to the partners.

Channel sales leaders immediately understand the advantage of CMaaS as they can monitor every opportunity created by their partners via these campaigns from day one; they could even register them in their own deal registration programme. By working together, the vendor and partner manage the opportunities through the funnel, cutting down the constant questions and requests for updates that vendors are usually asking their channel partners. It also provides channel sales leaders with the ability to forecast a quarterly view on numbers with a high degree of accuracy.

Bowan Arrow is one of the most respected independent channel marketing consultancies in the UK. We developed this reputation after many years working in vendor channel roles with channel partners creating joint marketing campaigns, with the aim of producing real sales opportunities that will produce actual sales and generate a genuine ROI.

Bowan Arrow have programmes in place with vendors that offer their authorised channel partners ‘Channel Marketing as a Service’ (CMaaS). The service differs from other vendor programmes because every package includes full campaign management and metrics tightly managed for all parties involved.

The Bowan Arrow team advise every partner individually to select a readymade co-branded campaign from one of the specially tailored packages available at a fixed price. The Partner Demand Program features pre-approved activity for MDF (Market Development Funds) applications so a partner will only pay up to 50% of the package price with the vendor funding the other 50%. We also advise partners on suitable options to add telemarketing, data selection and purchase and, even, lead nurture. The prices are uniform and the partner experience is unique.

This programme is available across EMEA or across the globe. Currently one vendor offers it to partners in UK, France, Germany and Spain through the dedicated Partner Portal delivered ‘as-a-service’ in language.

The benefits of the Partner Demand Program are that it provides partners with:

  • A dedicated website, regularly updated, in language
  • All campaigns are expertly managed, end to end by Bowan Arrow
  • Weekly campaign reporting
  • Fixed priced menu with flexibility on adaptation
  • Genuine ROI

CMaaS is a fully managed channel marketing service for partners offered by vendors to deliver approved joint marketing campaigns into any market in any language. If you think your channel partners could really benefit from a new CMaaS programme, please get in touch.

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