Demand generation campaigns should create booked appointments not leads

Modern marketing departments require rapid results to feed the ever hungry sales department. Marketing leaders, particularly in the tech industries, are continually looking at how integrated marketing campaigns can help them to achieve their objectives and provide a respectable ROI.  To do this it is vital to get your sales team on board from the very start. Ask them what they would like to receive from marketing and start the journey to success together. The answer will be the same as it has always been, get us in front of new prospects.

It is simple when you step back and think about it. To create and deliver success for any demand generation campaign you need the buy-in of your audience. A new business department by its very nature is set up to develop business with net new clients. The first place any decent sales leader will look to provide their team with leads is the marketing team.

It is my experience that if the sales leaders are part of the overall campaign development process, they are much more inclined to marshal their sales teams behind the campaign and the outcome is more likely to be positive. It’s a win-win. Too often I have been called in to rescue campaigns where the marketing team have not involved anyone in sales and therefore what they are producing is not meeting the needs of the sales teams. By involving sales, you are saving time and energy and creating campaign success.

Marketing teams should provide marketing qualified appointments (MQA’s) not marketing qualified leads (MQL’s). Sales teams will more likely convert those (MQA’s) into (SQA’s) sales qualified appointments. Sales people always prefer to meet an end user because it makes their job a lot easier to start the conversation about business objectives and pain points in person. If they have all the basic background information supplied already the campaign should be a success.

To create successful campaigns, we recommend that the sales leader briefs the telemarketing team. Why? Because they can give a fresh perspective to the agents and provide triggers and signals. They can tell the agents what they do not want and what constitutes a below par appointment, which again saves time, energy and maintains the positive momentum of the campaign.

Demand generation campaigns should create booked appointments not leads. Leads by their very nature are a bit flaky. Even if you apply the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeline) qualification there is still plenty of room for discrepancy between sales and marketing as to what constitutes an actual lead. A booked appointment has a date, time and location agreed with the end user.

The sales team who receive booked appointments must follow up with 48 hours of receipt of the appointment and SFDC (or another sales management application) must be updated. The results from some of the activities that we are running for our clients are truly astonishing. It all starts with a plan but you can never under estimate the impact of positive momentum on the success of a campaign.

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