Getting Partner Recruitment right the first time

The ICT channel is a dynamic place. Every day we hear about the latest merger or acquisition and it seems that the speed of change is never going to slow up. Because of this consolidation of channel partners, vendors of all sizes are trying to understand how to firstly maintain their current run rate channel business and secondly, grow their respective channel businesses via these acquisitions or by recruiting new channel partners to fill the void.

The acquisition of a partner’s business indicates immediate change for their current vendor mix: some vendors will win and others will see that revenue stream simply disappear. Vendors need to plan, be aware and ready for this possibility and build that into their channel development plans. Organic growth takes time and that is something many vendors do not have on their side and therefore they need to develop a strategy to build and grow. Recruiting channel partners is hard work, it takes time, focus, planning, budget and plenty of resources to get it right. Getting it wrong costs more than just time, budget and resources. It will cost the vendor deals and revenue.

In general, vendors don’t have a great track record when it comes to channel partner recruitment and the process always takes double the amount of time initially planned with mixed results. Decisions of who to recruit are sometimes blinded by the promise of big numbers and new accounts. Some of the basic checks have not taken place and the partnership stalls from day one producing none of the promised riches.

Vendors should step back and leave it to the experts. Partner recruitment should be treated the same way as employee recruitment, by employing a specialist agency to deal with finding and identifying suitable channel partners. At Bowan Arrow, we pride ourselves on knowing what makes a good partner and can identify them based on the preferences defined by the vendor’s suitable partners, via a proven methodology and process that is applied to every programme undertaken for clients.

Take the stress out of channel partner recruitment. Employ the professionals and get the right results to help grow your channel and form the best channel partnership of the future.

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