IDM Guest Tutor – Understanding Digital Media

I recently was asked to guest tutor on the IDM (The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing) Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course to present a session on ‘Understanding Digital Media’.  On a sunny Friday afternoon, I would have 3.5 hours to impart my wisdom on the students or vice versa. I was up for the challenge and set about my research.

Research is an important part of preparing a presentation because the world of marketing is rapidly changing. What may have been working 12 months ago may longer be the best way to create awareness and opportunity for your brand. It is vitally important to create the engagement with the students so I present real life examples and tell stories that they can relate to. They will remember these and use the learnings when they are back in their businesses.

As a B2B marketing professional I strongly believe in sharing experiences and helping the B2B marketers of the future with their career development.  With that in mind, I have been involved with IDM for many years first as Vice Chair of the IDM’s B2B Marketing Council and more recently as the Vice Chair of the DMA’s Responsible Marketing Committee. This allows me to understand the latest curriculum being offered to students and to promote the wider agenda for responsible B2B marketing that we as an industry are working together to maintain.

So, what did I need to cover in my guest session? First there was the learning objective: Understanding how digital marketing is different and appreciating the range of digital tools available to marketers. The areas were broken down as:

  • The digital landscape and the differences between online and offline
  • Different customer expectations
  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search and PPC advertising (SEM)
  • Affiliate marketing and how to use it
  • Viral and advertising
  • Social media marketing, user generated content and online PR
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile and SMS communications
  • Measuring success – what to measure

The interaction was excellent and the students were really engaged, asking loads of questions that related not only to their own business but they were also very interested to hear about experiences from other sectors and how to solve some of their immediate business issues. In parts, it was light hearted as we covered customer experience examples from BA, direct mail examples for The General Election and even B&Q’s viral campaign for Fifty Shades of Grey. It was a very enjoyable and educational session.

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