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Immervox, a Value Added Reseller who specialise in business communication solutions wanted to engage an agency to conduct bespoke market research in their newly defined target market, based on vertical, turnover and job role. This research was then going to be used to support their 2016 Marketing Plan and to help develop their customer propositions and future product portfolio, so it was important to the future success of the business.

Bowan Arrow were selected from a shortlist of 10 agencies to manage this UK Market Research Project. The project required expert marketing knowledge for the research and purchase of an appropriate data list to use for the survey. We developed a set of 12 questions with multiple choice answers that would elicit suitable responses to allow for the creation of credible findings and quality recommendations.

Bowan Arrow produced a 17-page report that provided an insight and understanding of the new target market buyer’s attitudes.  The differentiator that we were able to offer was to analyse the responses and provide valuable business recommendations for each of the 12 questions, not just provide a tally of the responses with illustrative graphs.

The objective of the survey was to achieve a 5% response rate. The outbound telephone survey was conducted over 13 calling days which resulted in a 5.68% response rate.  Over 1,820 outbound calls were made during the survey with 12 new contacts added to the database for marketing use over the coming 12 months. Three of the companies that completed the survey were also qualified as sales leads for Immervox.

Bowan Arrow believe that the survey findings represent an important opportunity for Immervox to use marketing as a communication vehicle to increase brand awareness, consideration and action, by prospects and customers, to increase revenues within the business in FY16. Bowan Arrow were able to add intelligence to the responses and make the results meaningful and useful to Immervox in their FY16 planning.

In May 2016, Immervox requested Bowan Arrow’s assistance in developing an updated Mission Statement that would include both internal and external business objectives. Bowan Arrow facilitated a management team meeting to discuss and decide upon the Mission Statement for one day onsite. Quickly followed up by working collaboratively with Tom Brooks to take the results of the discussion and develop a suitable statement for both internal and external audiences and a communication strategy. We completed the whole project within two weeks. This project was hugely rewarding for everyone involved.

Tom Brooks, commented “Andy has a huge amount of industry knowledge that extends beyond marketing consultancy. It is his knowledge, observation and approach that have allowed Andy to become not only a valued business advisor but part of our extended team. At Immervox, we have utilised Andy’s consultancy services over the past six months, supporting us on two main projects, covering Market Research and Business Proposition development. Andy is very approachable, delivers projects on time, on budget and achieving the objectives set. We are now seeing the benefits of our work with Andy in the business; therefore, I look forward to working with Andy again in the future”.

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